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21 de mayo de 2007


Your Score: Mohinder Suresh

You scored 37 Idealism, 45 Nonconformity, 66 Nerdiness

My father spent his life chasing after this insanity. Now I'm wasting mine trying to prove he was sane.

Congratulations, you're Mohinder Suresh! You're a curious, passionate, and intelligent person. You're prone to changing your mind about the important things in life, though. You're interested in doing what you can to help people who are gifted with special abilities.

Your best quality: You're a maverick intellectual
Your worst quality: Your opinions can change rather quickly and suddenly

No por nada soy de las Frikigenetistas.... XDDD para que quieres tener un superpoder cuando puedes tenerlos a todos XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ^_^

4 comentarios:

Bicho Bu dijo...

Turbia, que eres una turbia :P

Noor del Haouareb dijo...

yo soy Zack, el amigo friki de Claire
"You're nerdy, strange, slightly snarky, and proud of it!" xDDD

Alathea dijo...

frikiiiii que eres una friki!!!!!!!!! Empiezo a pensar que en ese test solo salen los pringaos de la serie que no tienen poderes XDDD

Noor del Haouareb dijo...

jajaja, yo no soy una pringada!! soy friki! XD